The sky is on fire

The sky is on fire

Everyone sees it but ignores it

The sky is on fire

But why does no one notice?

The sky is on fire. And that means, we have to do something. It means we have to change something

It means we have to come out from our hiding spots, come out of our houses, take off the masks we put on a long time ago

We have to break the borders, haven’t we? But what are the borders?

Borders are something you can’t see, no matter what. You can’t see the borders of countries, you can’t see the borders of a human, of a living creature, the border to the universe and the earth.

The only thing you can do is to feel them. The borders. So, listen to yourself, put your shit together and learn to see with your heart.

The sky is on fire

And our society is drowning. Drowning in these unnecessary rules of style and fashion. Drowning in expectations nobody can live up to.

And why? Why are we doing this? Why don’t we learn to swim?

Because we’re afraid. We are afraid of the people around us. Afraid of what they think about us? But does it really matter?

Why do we accept the borders in which society tries to lock us? Why are we afraid? Because they taught us to. They taught us how we have to be.

When I say it’s time to break these rules, it is. These borders.

No-one has the right to lock us somewhere we don’t wanna be. Where we´re getting broken and sick of ourselves. Where everything gets worse than it is.

We are people. We are humans. All of us. We have the right to be accepted the way we are. We have the right to peace. We have the right to be who we are, no matter what. We have the right to go to school. We have the right to speak our mind.

There shouldn’t be borders which forbid us to be the best versions of ourself.

Let’s help together to break these borders, these unnecessary rules of this broken society.

One alone can do nothing

But together we can move mountains.

The sky is on fire

And it’s our job to fix it

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Avatar Sofia Bichlmeier

Author: Sofia Bichlmeier